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What brought this up was a lengthy discussion about the purpose of life with a significant other. I had surmised that the purpose of life was to seek harmony, as I believe we are all part of a greater whole. The unification of science, philosophy and religion in this very simple theory may unite us all in pursuit of a common goal. This theory requires no large book and it contains very few complexities. It requires no use of force and could help humanity reach its full potential. It’s designed on the principle of KISS (Keep It Simple Susan/Sam) so that everyone can easily comprehend it. Please leave this document intact and un-edited. Elaborate on your own with friends, relatives and significant others and remember not to force your ideas on others, instead try to persuade by increasing your ability communicate. If someone does not want to listen then please just agree to disagree. Agreement might come later on when those who disagree are given more information, or perhaps maybe we’re wrong?

The theory states as follows:

The cells in our body are part of a greater whole. Evidence has come out lately that our universe might be part of a greater multi-verse, which may be part of a greater whole. Is it possible that this premise goes on infinitely? Maybe life is “but a dream?” In which case, how could we presume to know if there IS a Creator or not? Perhaps more importantly: How could we even think for a heartbeat, that we in our [proposed] infinite smallness could possibly know who He, She or It is? For that matter, how could any one of us presume to speak for the Creator? For anyone to presume to know the Creator’s very own words would in this case be quite close to blasphemy! The real question might be: Why should we care who or what the Creator is? Why in fact shouldn't we just know what our purpose is so that we can devote all our energies to fulfilling that purpose? Wouldn’t that be what the Creator would want or would He, She or It be lost in ego and looking for personal recognition? This author believes that the former is much more likely as the Creator would want us to be happy just like a good parent. Of course an occasional thank you would always be nice to hear. “If you’re out there, thank you for all you’ve created!”

To elaborate:

In the simple terms, cancer could be said to be caused by the cells in our body just not “getting along” with each other. Could it therefore be assumed that the stress on our planet might be considered a disease as well? The likely stress on our universe could be caused by the same problem and so on and so forth. In order to live in balance with Creation we might seek to un-block and increase the flow of its energy, quite like a blood-clot or by shrinking a tumor. Just like the cells and organs in our body need different nutrients to be able to perform at their optimum level, every individual and local community should be able to decide what is best for them on their own.

Our purpose therefore is quite simple:

We must seek harmony with all around us, not through force but by helping all to reach a greater sense of enlightenment so they can reach these conclusions on their own!

Applying this theory to our existing reality:

The right to life is apparent. The rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness are self-evident, with the exception of three simple rules:

  1. Do not harm.
  2. Do not steal.
  3. Do not lie.

Do not harm:

The right to life gives the exception that if someone in the heat of the moment would harm you then you have ample reason to harm them first. This does not excuse the offense of capital punishment. If someone has killed someone else and has then been isolated from society, killing that someone is nothing short of revenge, as well as something which can never be taken back if you were to kill and innocent man or woman. The recent murder of Troy Davis was carried out by an individual who was just doing his job in order to feed his family. If someone’s job is to commit murder then are we not living in a profoundly sick society?

The war on drugs is a failed concept which arguably is used by the powerfully connected to utilize the concept of morality in order to exert control over the masses and to fill up the for-profit prisons. In order to preserve liberty and freedom and ensure that our own is protected, everyone must be allowed to take their lives into their own hands. This concept may be abhorrent to some but allowing rules to be made based on morality is a slippery slope and your own pursuit of happiness could someday be put in jeopardy. Someone else who believes what you are doing is not morally right for whatever reason, could then harm you even if you’re not harming anyone else.

Do not steal:

I cannot currently think of any reason the rule regarding stealing could justifiably be broken since taking back something which was stolen could not be defined as such.

Do not lie:

An exception to this rule might be humorous sarcasm that is technically untrue. If someone says “How do I look?” and you could not bend this rule in that case it would not be conducive to harmony. Instead you could perhaps give subtle suggestions which might help. With the exception of these and possibly others, intentionally lying with intent to deceive or leaving out part of the truth for the same purpose could not be considered to be following this rule. 

Local government:

A sheriff elected by the people and his or her deputies should be paid for by required taxation of the voters in that local community. A posse of locals could be called up if the need would arise. If two sovereign beings cannot settle their differences amicably, one or both should go to the sheriff who would form a grand Jury from the people in that local community in order to settle the conflict. The grand Jury concept has survived the test of time and has been around for the bulk of recorded history. A group of local peers can best decide what is right since it is they themselves who might face the same penalty if one of them committed the same offence. Our society today consents to dictators in black robes who rarely if ever face the penalties they hand down on a daily basis.

Prisons and Jails:

Confinement of those who would threaten society should be paid for by the same voters who would want the paid law enforcement and subsequent jails. There should be a financial drain on local communities if the populations in those prisons would grow, which creates awareness that the current society is failing. The jails should be built in the local community for precisely this same reason, not far away where the problem is out of sight and therefore out of mind. Private incorporated for-profit prisons should be banned. There should never be a profit motivation with respect to taking away someone’s liberty.  If only voters paid required taxes this would naturally compel responsible people to persuade others to be responsible as well in order to eliminate the need for taxation. As we achieve a greater sense of our purpose eventually we would not need any law enforcement at all.

National and global government:

National far away consolidated governments should be banned. Thanks to the internet as a “group conscience” there is already global governance. This eliminates pointless wars where politicians who never fight them send our children off to die in foreign lands. There is never a legitimate reason to kill someone you have never even met before unless of course your life is in immediate danger.

Our current mission is simple:

We must connect all minds to the greater whole by a fabulous invention called "the internet" as soon as possible. In order to do so all forms of safe, free and clean energy must be released to the public at once! With presently available Wi-Fi connections that internet access can be freely distributed to those that do not currently have a connection.

Please remove the password to your current Wi-Fi connection if you have one. If you feel this might create potential security risks please use the following pass: 1GeJmeVWD3jQMqVgwEFp5mETC1yfZnqcHC

At the very least limiting your Wi-Fi access to all who read this theory will enable them to join us and also know that there is someone around who believes in our purpose too. Please respect the courtesy of those who have participated by not abusing the bandwidth of an open connection so it will continue to remain open.

"Do you believe in a Creator?"

If someone asks us you this question, tell them that you simply don’t know. Faith, in this author’s opinion, is an insidious tool where you are convinced that you need no proof in order to know of a fact which can’t be proven. That is both scientifically and philosophically impossible! Using the principle of faith followers of a certain faith will blindly obey without question as well as be limited in their personal growth. If the purveyors of organized religion proceed to demand that you must believe in some Creator in order to seek harmony simply ask them:

 "Why is the knowledge of a Creator important if I already believe in my purpose?"

Hopefully you can see from this theory how those currently indoctrinated by organized religions are sorely missing the point. If there is a Creator then what is important is what He, She or It wants, not who He, She or It is.  An objective view would convince the open-minded that this genuine purpose is a basic principle in all these religions. Why should we tarnish our Souls in a debate over the differences? Many feel that organized religion has been used by the "elite" to control and manipulate the masses. If this theory is true nobody can lay claim to have spoken for the Creator and proceed to brainwash the masses using the Creator's words. No one individual [cell] or group of individuals [organ] can ever rule over another group by implying that any one group [of cells] is better than any other since we are all part of a greater whole [the body]. The people instead can all learn to grow and evolve into an ever more increasing state of consciousness in order to reach their full potential, which may be limitless!

A personal note:

Since I am a part of Creation couldn’t it stand to reason that these are the Creator’s words? Can you see how all of us can lay claim to speak for a Creator, if One exists? The details are not important and I feel the differences are only put there to divide us by those not aligned with the Creator. We must see through the deception and intentional misdirection. Anger, fear and hate are part of the cancer. Love, patience and self-awareness are part of the cure.

Copyright: 1PxxrHdenguVFhPiPDkb8F7bDSqHWTWxx1 (An address) Date of copyright corresponds to the first donation made to the above address. This author chooses to remain anonymous and believes in working for personal growth, enjoyment and for the benefit of others. The path to this revelation has been one of great hardship. The author is now financially devastated and dependent on the kindness of others. Please anonymously contribute to show your appreciation for this idea without the need for ego-based recognition. Circulation in all forms is allowed as long as it remains un-edited and includes this common law copyright notice.

Thanks for reading and sharing this theory. May the Creator, if One exists, bless us all, every One :)

By Vinceable World
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